Developing a Smooth Client Journey in Pharmaceutical Market Through Multi-Channel Marketing

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The pharmaceutical market is looking to ingenious methods to produce and interact values to its consumers as several smashes hit drugs are reaching the patent cliff. In today’s market, with reducing access to Health Care Professionals (HCP) and increasing adoption of mobile phones by the Health Care Professionals (pharmacie de garde), the conventional sales force techniques should be straightened and matched with digital developments.

Multi-Channel Marketing has emerged to match Sales Force initiatives to connect to the consumers in most effective and expense efficient way. With the arrival of digital innovations, the pharmaceutical market is checking out the alternative of connecting to the consumers using non-personal digital channels such as e-mail, brand name sites, online forums, electronic detailing among others in addition to the Field Force. The pharmaceutical business can develop a smooth consumer journey with the integrated and consecutive use of numerous channels to interact with the consumers.

Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM) is the mode of connecting to consumers through different channels. This has been an incredibly popular idea in numerous markets where we have seen credit card or insurance provider attempting to connect to us through numerous channels – Emails, Direct Mails, TELEVISION advertisements, Newspaper advertisements, and so on. Generally, the pharmaceutical market has been relying mainly on its sales forces to communicate the message and has not used other modes of interaction to its complete level. In current times, the environment has altered and physicians just want to see/ hear the details which they need and in the way, they want. The access to the Health Care Professionals (HCPs) for in person Sales Rep interactions is reducing and HCPs are embracing digital media to acquire needed info.

This change in HCP habits is owning the pharmaceutical market to embrace Multi-channel marketing to interact with consumers.

MCM comes with its own difficulties. Picture fifteen different instruments are dipped into random and you are required to pay attention to it – it will be an uncomfortable experience instead of being an elated consumer experience. On the contrary, if the exact same fifteen instruments are played in an orchestra in an efficient way, they produce a calming experience to our ears. If a specific pharmaceutical company attempts to reach out to a specific doctor, through different channels with uncoordinated messages, the interaction develops a sense of annoyance than an enjoyable client experience.

Present State vs to be State of Health Care Professional (HCP) Communications:

(I) Pre-MCM age:

(A) Pharmaceutical Company’s Interaction with HCPs: ·

a. The pharmaceutical business primarily counts on Sales Force to offer information about their brand names to HCPs.

b. Low Knowledge of HCPs’ needs.

c. Limited time to offer details to the HCPs:2 – 3 minutes detailing interaction with each HCP.

(B) HCPs experience

a. HCPs get undesirable details.

b. HCPs do not have the needed details (e.g.: Formulary, Dosage, Product Info, Side results and so on) to recommend the brand name.

(C) Results

a. Incomplete understanding about brand names forbids HCPs from recommending brand-new brand names and limits themselves to fewer brand names.

(D) Customer Experience Level:


(II) MCM age:

(A) Pharmaceutical Company’s Interaction with HCPs:

a. Non-Personal channels executed to enhance Sales Force.

b. Uncoordinated channel interactions with HCPs.

c. Pharmaceutical business supplies a myriad of info with no understanding about HCPs’ need.

(B) HCPs experience:

a. HCPs get several non-correlated interactions from the pharmaceutical business.

b. HCPs deal with difficulties to use the gotten details.

(C) Results:

a. A plethora of uncoordinated interaction develops a sense of pain amongst HCPs.

(D) Customer Experience Level:

Low – Medium

(III) Customer Centricity through MCM:

(A) Pharmaceutical Company’s Interaction with HCPs:

a. Pharmaceutical business interacts with HCPs through collaborated personal (Face to Face) and non-personal (Digital) channels.

b. Pharmaceutical business understands HCPs carry choices and connects with the favored channel.

c. Pharmaceutical business informs HCPs about their brand names through non-personal channels.

d. Pharmaceutical business collect feedback about the HCPs through non-personal channels and Field Force.

(B) HCPs experience:

a. HCPs gets the info they need in the mode (Channel) they choose.

b. HCPs are informed and can take educated choices while recommending.

(C) Results:

a. The integrated way of info shipment by several channels produces an elated experience amongst HCPs.

b. HCPs start recommending more recent brand names.

(D) Customer Experience Level:

Enhanced experience.

Brand name Loyal.

Executing smooth consumer journey through MCM.

Following crucial actions are to be required to develop a smooth client journey through Multi-Channel Marketing:

Understanding the Client

A Multi-Channel Interaction journey begins with understanding the consumer. Pharma business must produce technological facilities to collect and store actionable information concerning their clients. The information must be gathered from:

1. Regular monthly Sales information – This offers the HCP level sales information (Total prescriptions and New prescriptions, Competitive prescription information).

2. Marketing Communication information – This offers the information of projects targeted to the HCPs and HCP’s reactions to the projects over previous 3 to 6 months.

3. Analytics owned information – This supply analytical insights about the HCP’s channel and deal choices, numerous analytically owned behavioral info and insights and predictive modeling output to create client journey.

Interacting with The Client Through MCM

Consumers want to get the distinct details based upon their interests and through their chosen channels of interaction. Preferably, Pharma business must produce tailored advertising projects at the individual consumer level and interact through their chosen channel to have optimal consumer engagement. This will increase the functional expense and risks. To get the optimal outcome, consumers can be organized into many micro-segments based upon client’s behavioral resemblances, channel choices, use likeliness and specializes. A series of multi-channel interactions can be specified for each consumer micro-segment. The project techniques are to be sequenced into phases and each phase to be set off by the reactions of the HCPs in the previous phase. A sector consumer journey is specified as a multi-channel project strategy.

The pharmaceutical business is embracing numerous analytical methods to create the project strategy and using project management tools to construct and perform the strategy.

Determining the engagement of the consumer and effect produced.

Determining the engagement level is an essential to understand the efficiency of the interaction produced each client micro-segment.

For determining the consumer engagement level, historic sales information and the targeted project information must be incorporated. Secret Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be specified to determine the distinction in consumer habits.

Based upon the engagement level of the clients, the project strategy should be modified.


Getting an extensive analytical insight about individual client sector, preparing a client journey (project strategy) for the individual sector based upon analytical insights, automating the project strategy using a project management tool and learning and enhancing the project strategy based upon consumer actions can help the pharmaceutical business develop a smooth client journey using Multi-Channel Marketing. This will make it possible for the pharmaceutical business to engage with the consumers with the information they want and to interact with the clients with the favored medium at their individual speed.

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